Friday, March 18, 2011

The Deer outside my Window

I have a beautiful view outside my home office window...of a hillside of green this time of year.

Fitz, my fabulous cat, goes and sits out on the metal dothingy that the builders actually added as a planter, but makes a fantastic kitty look out, and watches the world go by.
One thing I truly love is watching the little group of deer that usually wander on by towards evening and settle in the tall grass near by.

... One evening some years back, I saw my boy, Fitz, still young and inquisitive, wander closer and closer to the visiting deer on the hillside.  At this time, it was late summer and there were fawns.

Slowly, slowly he inched towards the nearest fawn.  The fawn saw him and came over ever so slowly towards him...

...and they touched noses.

Where is that camera when you need one!
But it is forever etched in my memory.

                                                                copyright 2011