Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dirty Hands come with the Territory

Just have to share.
Went to the auto shop in a slight panic today.  Oil in truck looked extremely low and had to make an important trip down to San Francisco today.  Poor truck has not been driving well the last few days.
It was ok for now...just going to take it in tomorrow for a more thorough checkup though.  Over 200,000 miles on my girl.

The funny thing... the mechanic looked at my hands and said, "oh, watch out, your hand is filthy"

I looked down expecting my hand to be black!   And all I saw was a slight smudge of grease that got on the top of my knuckles while checking the oil before coming to shop.
Honestly... had to look for it.

I wiped it off on my jeans.

I looked at him rather inquisitively and he said something to the fact..."'re a woman."

Nice for him to notice....
But yes, just clinches it.   I am most definitely a farm girl...and always will be.
A little grime does not register.

Brings to mind a little incident when I was a teenager between me and my brother in the barnyard... slinging 'mud' at each other...................