Monday, March 14, 2011

For the love of Pink!

Now anyone who knows me - knows I am not a girly girl.
I am an outside, hiking, get messy, who cares if I pet a smelly dog, kind a gal, who has mucked out cow stalls and worse.

So even I can not understand why I love pink.

I can't say I really have anything really pink in my home.  I have shades of raspberry red, which is close, but that does not explain why, when I came across the March 2011 issue of House Beautiful magazine, why I got this glorious chill of joy looking at the March cover with the lovely pink and white sitting room.

                                                       All I can makes me happy.

More thoughts on pink later.
For now....enjoy some pinks found in nature!

                                                                                                             all photos copyrighted 2011
                                     Be you Farm Girl, Ranch Girl, or City Girl...who can Resist PINK!