Monday, April 18, 2011

Husbandry Responsibility

Was just down to my local Ace Hardware Store getting fertilizer and snail 'be gone!' product.
Snails and slugs have taken over and now it is war!
Leaving beer out is not doing it. I think it is just making them propagate and grow to monster sizes!

Mentioned to the nice lady behind counter that I wish I had enough space for a couple of chickens to take care of the creatures.
She just got a sour look on her face and said her neighbor has chickens that get into everyones yard and tear up plants and poop everywhere...bunnies that are in the roadway... and cats and dogs that are not well taken care of either.

Why can't people/adults who own animals, not take responsibility in the care of their animals?

And do not get me started about people who do not take care of their cats and dogs!!!!

Are they just accessories and property?  I think that is their mind set.
Something to play with...and then ignore and then discard.

If you don't have the time, the space and the money it takes to raise animals with the love, care, and the respect all living creatures not venture into all.

And respect your neighbors too.  You may need them some time.