Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must Read - Hit by a Farm and Sheepish by Catherine Friend

Whether you have lived on a farm, are living on a farm, want to live on a have GOT to read Catherine's books on farm life in Minnesota. 

She 'slipped' one day into the farm life, buying farmland in Minnesota with her partner, Melissa, and what a journey she has had.
Ups and downs and twirls around... her books are true stories of what life holds for anyone venturing into the day to day husbandry and maintenance of a farm.

Realistic,warm,so readable...

And Hysterically funny!
 Read the first chapter of Sheepish - Hint: electric fencing and dog leaping over! 
 OMG!!!  About pee'd my pants!!!!

And good to know, Catherine writes children's books too!
Looks darn tooting cute!

But most surprising?   I mean, after reading her farm books.. just could not quite believe my eyes when I saw this on her website...

What!!?? Really!?
Did I miss this mentioned someplace in one of your books, Catherine?!
You write Adventure, Romance novels!?  Well, with a twist of course!

She loves Pride and Prejudice... the one and only ...with Colin Firth!
What more can you say!?
Love her!
Go to a local bookstore and buy her books!