Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lassoing Sheep

The 5 month old lambs had escaped from the neighboring farm again.

I had happened to glance out of my living room window and saw a tail flash by that should not have been there.
Almost got them in my gated yard, but no, they were having none of that and fled.
Drove to the neighbor to let them know.

This first time, the hole in the fence was found, made larger and miraculously, the little flock of 5, with a bit of a encouragement from us, grouped together and led each other right back thru.

Next day...out again.

This time I did not hear or see anything until I had decided to go for a walk to take photos.  Some neighbors were actually wrangling them with lassos!  First time I ever saw that.
By the time I saw the commotion, they had wrangled all 5 except one. 
And anyone who know sheep... the last is always the doosy.

After about another half was finally lassoed and hustled in with the rest in a trailer someone had brought.

Lassoing sheep.  What a thought.

Of course, not one photo to prove it.

Was too busy chasing lambs.