Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rural Roads, Good Samaritans and On Star

Was driving down a steep,winding, busy, wet, semi rural, blacktopped road this afternoon...rain very unusual for this time of year in Northern California.

A slow car pulled off ahead of me to let me pass and two curves past, a man was on the side waving his cell phone in his hand, trying to flag someone down.

I knew right away what must have happened and sure enough.

I pulled to the side as other cars just wizzed past and the man yelled someone had driven off the road right in front of him and he couldn't get phone reception. 

As I walked toward him, I tried my cell.  No reception.

 "Can you hear me Now?!"...that phone commercial always asked on tv.  "NO!"  I always yelled back.

 An hour away from San Francisco and a half mile from our town...It is like you are on the moon.

I was afraid of what I was going to see when I got over to the Good Samaritain.  Looking down, I saw a truck that had gone down practically vertically 100 feet, hit a tree and miraculously the driver was outside checking on his passenger.

No, we could not get cell reception.  But they had On Star.

Amazing.  I could hear the operator on On Star speaking to the passenger as we asked about the man and his passenger's condition.  Luckily, the passenger apparently was more shakened than injured also.

If you had seen that drop off.....

Driving away from the scene, after knowing emergency vehicles were on the way, I saw how little an impact on the vegetation the vehicle made going down that embankment.

Yes, a fence was down and tall grass was down, but easy to miss if you were driving at normal speeds down that hill.

I now have a new perspective on those news reports about drivers being found days later in wrecked cars down steep embankments.

Forget cell phones.

We all just have to start wearing On Star buttons.

And yes.... nice to know that there are still Good Samaritans out there.

                                                                                                copyright Stepka 2011