Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28, 2011 RAIN

I am finding that this little blog has become a diary of sorts, so because of this momentous occasion, I had to place a quick post.

It is raining.  June 28, 2011.

Yes, that is alot of water on patio.

...and streaks of rain descending down from the skies.

and one disappointed and confused kitty sitting at the office window.

I read once in a book about a pseudo scientific study that states..."cats don't have expressive faces".
Yeah, sure. 

This cat even sighs....loudly and 'dramactically'.

To non Northern Californians, just bear with me. 
But to be wearing a turtleneck for warmth, and hearing the rain pattering outside my window is a wonderful thing.

Especially when the weekend forecast calls for 100 degrees.


                                                                                                copyright 2011