Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Lovely Evening

I decided that before the heat becomes a reality for this weekend, I had to take advantage of the perfect, high 70's temperature and tackle something I do each year after the back open space either gets mown by humans or by weed wacker sheep. 
I go out with a few garbage bags to pick up some of the trash left behind by people who 'enjoy' themselves out under the stars and then leave their trash behind.
Just a touch of reality. 

Well, I did not get too far.

I was about a half a garbage bag into it when I got to the end of the road and looked over into the ravine...
and guess who I saw!

I dropped my bag of garbage, ran a very long block back to my place, ran up the stairs to grab my camera, ran all the way back and he was still there. 
So I was very happy to be able to take a couple of very long distance, telephoto shots. 

Tried to get closer by a round about route, but no go.  
By the time I got to a spot I thought I could take a much better photo, he had disappeared into the brambles.

Oh well.  He is a challenge. 
But then again...if I was able to easily take a beautiful photo of him as in a wildlife park, would I enjoy myself so much?

So after he disappeared, I had my camera over one arm and a garbage bag in another and ended up hustling up about one and a half garbage bags full of bottles before I was just too beautiful an evening to be picking up garbage.

So I took a walk.

An evening like this is why they call California...Golden.

                                                              photos copyright Stepka 2011