Saturday, June 4, 2011

One of the Mysteries of Farming

Was talking with my brother about the book by Catherine Friend, "Hit by a Farm.
So inevitably, the discussion brings up some memory or another.

Upside Down Sheep

Finding an upside down sheep on a totally flat stretch of pasture, flat on her back, feet up in the air, is just a little bit unnerving.

Not just because it does not take long for that sheep to breathe her last, her lungs not able to function in that position, but also….

How the hell did she end up this way?

Did a tornado just go past when you weren’t looking, flipped her up and set her back, upside down in the same place?

Did a space ship fly over, see the ewe, thought what a good piece of mutton she would be and in mid transport, decided…nope, steak sounds better tonight, and dropped her?

And you would think that the sheep next to her would be upset , and upon seeing the human guardian, would run over to you, and baa like the sheep version of Lassie…”Baa! Baa! Sara has fallen down on her back and baa can’t get up!  Help her!  Baa! Baa!”, while others of her kind would be nudging the fallen sister, like the noble elephants, trying to get their fallen comrade back up on her feet.

Nope…they just stand there, right next to her, chewing their cud, a glazed look in their eyes.

Ho hum.

So you run over, see if she is still alive and start grabbing a leg to piston her 200 pounds back over. 

Sometimes you are in time…and sometimes, not.

Just one of the mysteries of farming.

                                                                                                                     story and photo copyright 2011 Stepka