Friday, June 17, 2011

Organic Weed Wacking... Part 2

I have had my fill of photographing sheep right outside my window the last two days.  Just wonderful!
The same people who brought in goats to weed wack the hills above me are now right in my backyard open space area with about 200 sheep doing their duty.

The 3 foot high golden grasses, 5 foot high thistles and 6 foot high wild licorice are now history.
I will miss the blooming of the licorice plants.  Last year, the plants were left to bloom to their hearts delight and the golden blossoms were really something to behold.

The sheep were eatting it up....literally.

The shepherds use mobile electric fencing, solar powered.
Did not deter some young ones.
Grass is always greener...

Apparently there was some buzz in the fence, but like a fly... not like a nasty hornet.
This little one finally crawled totally out and was transported back to the home farm that night.
They are given no second chances.

I took some really lovely portraits...some wonderful characters out there.
Here's just a couple.

But by far, No. 76 was my favorite. 
....or as I called her...Wrinkle Nose.

Thank you Shepherds and Weed Wackers for doing a great job!

I will miss my cascades of yellow licorice blossoms though.

                                                               all copyrighted 2011 Stepka