Monday, June 27, 2011

Sonoma Marin County Fair Time

The last, so many years I have worked in retail, and always ended up on weekend duty, so it is so nice now to be able to enjoy a real weekend ...and a down home fair.

The first ice cream cones from Clover.

Of course, the cattle and the goat barns were the highlight of the fair to me.
Saw alot of cows (mainly holsteins) that totally looked like Spot, whom my brother as a teenager exhibited...and my Binky, whom I think had won a 3rd place ribbon with many, many, many, many years ago in our local rural 4-H fair, and whom, when nervous little me, fell down on my face while I was taking him into the ring...just stood there looking down at me.  Stupid human.

It was quiet in the barns, the judging having been done a couple of days ago.  The pigs just laid there stretched out... as well as the rabbits.

and it wasn't even hot...but I think they had had enough of the humans peering into their cages, expounding on the softness and luxuriousness of their fur.

 The cows just stood there... and the sheep looked catatonic. 

But the goats, well, they were still putting on a good show.

Heck if they were going to miss any excitement.

Or any chance at a possible ice cream cone coming too near their greedy little mouths.

The cute ones of course do not need to do anything but stand there.

And as we wandered down the fairway...the corny sideshows were unique, if not appealing.

Ham Bone Express was having a show in 10 minutes, so settled in to watch.
It was free.

No pigs were harmed in the running of the swine.  In fact, the local newspaper made a point of letting public know that these little piggies travel in cool, air conditioned comfort.

No wonder that as soon as they ran around the track, they just bounded right back up the ramp into the trailer.
Their reward for running the race was an oreo cookie.

I think they had even better treats in the trailer.

I could picture them all lined up on a couch in the front room... watching tv.

and they are coming down the track...

They had about 4 sets of the little ones for us to cheer on.

And as part of the fair admission, you got free rides!

...If you can fit your adult sized butt into a ride's seats made for teeny boppers and kids.
Most of us adults succeeded quite well.
Not the best action shot.

At least my little camera did not fly out into space and flatten a bystander!

All in all, a very nice day at the fair.

Oh... and of course, this fair is famous for the World's Ugliest Dog contest.
I did not attend, but here is the link to who's little face won.
Her name is Yoda.

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