Saturday, June 11, 2011

There be foxes!

I was just up the road basking in the warmth of the sun the other day.
Gazing into the ravine, I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye, so I placed my full attention on that area...and sure enough, a quick movement shot from the wood and then into the huge blackberry bramble. 
Just enough of a glance to know I had just seen the long body of a fox with it's bushy tail trailing behind.
I was ecstatic!

When I had lived on the farm, if you saw a wild animal near the house, you avoided that area.  It was just a given that something was wrong with that animal because it wandered near humans...and sure enough, I do remember a diseased fox stumbling onto the back lawn and other assorted creatures like raccoons and skunks.

Where I live now...well, I think I mentioned before about finding 45 wild turkeys filling up my driveway one morning.  Can definitely live without that... BUT A FOX!?

Even though I have seen very few and from a long distance away (once heading through a harvested field, once on a marshy beach) there is something about them, that just fascinates me.  The English country manor, Fairy Tales and Tasha Tudor comes to mind.

I was actually on my cell phone also when I had seen the vision, and I asked the person on the other end what time it was.  After 6:30 pm.
I have always noticed that animals have routines, an ingrain sense of time.  So last night I went again to the spot and sat down with a book... and my camera.

                                                                        6:40 pm
There he was. 
 Definitely not the best photo in the world, but proof of existence!
For me, it is a wonder just to see him.

He sat there for a few minutes and I finally realized that the neighbors dog was barking behind a nearby fence.   I am pretty sure that fox was just sitting there enjoying the dog's frustration.
Then in a flash he was gone.

Tonight....I will try to stake out a spot closer downwind and see if he appears again.

                                                                                               copyright 2011