Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Devil Wringer Washer

I almost gasped out loud (actually I think I did) when I was browsing through my local bookstore's magazine section and came upon an article in one of those homesteading, self sufficiency magazines.

There was a photo of a woman demonstrating how to use an old fashion wringer washing machine

...with a big smile on her face.

Blown away.
At least she didn’t look like a fashion model.

Images flashed thru my head of my mother dragging out that damn wringer washer from the pantry into the kitchen and setting up tubs around it.  Having to heat water over the wood stove even in the stifling heat of summer, huge tin buckets of it and pouring it into the washer and then the neighboring rinse out tubs.
I can smell the bleaching solution and dried stench of manure covered overalls....
This was the 70’s and 80’s.

My poor mother.  She never had that choice, even though everyone else she knew had modern kitchens and most definitely hot water from the taps.

And here this woman in the magazine was exalting how the wringer washer saves water and gas and is better for the environment.
Amazing how being able to choose the way you live can bring a smile to the face even when doing drab, routine work.

Didn't look like she wringing out caked on sh't overalls though that need wringing, washing, and rinsing 4 times each. Love to see her smiling doing that!
And there was a nice little tub with running hot and cold water right next to the wringer....and what did I see next to that?

....a nice little modern day dryer.

Nostalgia is it?  People yearning for a simpler life, free of the stresses of modern life.

Believe me...if I move back to the country, there will be a nice indoor bathroom, hot running water and nice laundry with a modern day washer and dryer.

That is Stress Free Living to me!
                                                                                                               copyright Stepka 2011