Sunday, July 31, 2011


Been going thru old photos from the farm.
I had a steer named Joey who had been born a little off. He had had a hard time standing when he was born and had a HUGE head. He never quite grew into that head.
Of course, as soon as I saw him, he was mine to care for and adore.

He survived and had a few good years of life before he passed away in the pasture.

Dad could have sold him once he did grow, but he didn't.  I really appreciate that now.
One of my fondest memories was of visiting Joey in the pasture once he had grown. He would lope over to me at practically full speed, stop about 2 yards away and then just walk up the rest of the way to me and boink his head on my chest.
 Loved that big lug.
                                                                                             copyright Stepka 2011