Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Many Now Choosing The Farm Life...

Nancille and Barbara

Been in a big reflective mood lately.
I grew up, as they say, as a "real" farm girl and it has never released itself from my soul.
It never will.

I have been reflecting on whether I have regrets about letting the farm go once the parents passed, and I have to be true to myself and say, yes, there are some regrets.  But at least, I had a choice in the decision.

It seems there are alot of opinions as to what a farm is nowadays.  There is definitely a difference "making a living" off the land on 200 acres with 40 cows, 200 sheep, 10 pigs...or just living in the country on 1 acre or 10 plus acres with some goats and "making your living" outside of the farm.

But if you want to call your little acre spread a farm...why not? 
Just be appreciative that you have a lifestyle choice.

The old farm girl inside of me longs for the country and animals, but I do not have any longing for the reality when it came to the grittiness of life and death on a "make a living" farm.

I have fond memories, but I also unfortunately have many sad memories of the people whom I had to exist with on that farm.  People who, through having experienced the same hard life growing up with their families, had lost their emotions and the ability to enjoy life and to see the beauty around them.
They had had no choice but to farm.  It was expected of them.  It was how they made a living.
And if you are given no choice in life, no expectation, no dreams...then the life you create for yourself... and others around you... can be very difficult.
Farm life can be very hard on the bones and the soul.
You need to have eyes wide open if you choose "make a living" farming. 
You must have the calling and the stamina to survive hardship and the hard calls you have to make. Reality can suck big time on a "make a living" farm.
You must have the love and respect of the land, animals, and the people around you... in your soul.

I choose to look back on my good memories and the beauty of the farm.

And I say....Good for all those out there who choose to "farm" any way they choose.

And some day...who knows?  Some goats may be in my future.

But the "new" farm girl inside me now knows that those goats will live to a ripe old age as (dare I say it) pets.

...And as lovable weed wackers as well.
There is still enough of the old farm girl in me that has to consider usefulness in an animal.

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