Sunday, July 31, 2011

Treasure Island Flea Market

    I had to run into San Francisco today and so stopped in at the new flea market and checked it out.

It is very easy to get thru once you are on the Bay Bridge...only one exit to Treasure Island and the road just leads you into the area easily.  Only $3 and free parking.  Of course you have to get over a bridge to get there...5 or 6 dollars depending on how you come.  They do have some food vendors.

It is a small market, but definitely had the feel of a well ordered flea, boot sale with a variety of some vintage, some new, especially jewelry and even potted plants. Kinda crafty. Definitely not junky.  Nice  to go thru. I got there late. It looked like there may have definitely been some things I may have had to have if I had arrived early.

Had a nice group playing.  I believe the name was Acacia.  Folksy, good instrumentals and voice.

A fun little photo booth was set up I think...but asking for donations??. I love photo booths, but since I was on a time schedule, did not check it out.

Very nice....dogs were allowed.

The French Linens were there.  Seems like they are everywhere now a days.  The craze I guess.

...and here's the wringer washer to wash them!
This guy was just sitting off by himself. Already bought?  Already discarded?
Will write more about this devil device in another post.

And then you look up and !!!  Where the heck did she come from.  I must have drove right past her coming in, but did not notice her.  So if you need cash, the atm is right in front of her.
Someone there told me she lights up at night.
I am not commenting.

For awesome beauty, you just need to look across the bay and there is San Francisco.  Foggy most all day, but still breath taking.

So, good to check out if you are in the area.  Open the last weekend of the month, both Saturday and Sunday.

Next week...might have to make a run to Alameda Antique Fair. 
This flea market just wetted my appetite.

                                                                                      copyright Stepka 2011