Sunday, August 7, 2011

Alameda Antique Fair - August

This event just seems to get larger and larger each time I go.  For me it is just a feast for the eyes.   But  if you did really need something specific, you 'd most likely find it here in the way of furnishings and collectibles.

There are so many objects like the chest below that are just beautiful and you don't really see them because of the huge amount of stuff that surrounds you on all sides.

And then there are the "in your eye" furnishings like this pink couch that just make you wonder...where the heck did this come from?
But if you have the right space...could be pretty cool.

The 9am back up on the road before the entrance was huge.  Again...look up the show's website and map and make your way to the 2nd entrance.

I was looking for old photos, but I could not believe the price that people were asking for a regular kodak b&w know a little 4 x 4 or so. $10.00!  Absolutely crazy.  So though I had found one I thought was cute, there is no way in H--- I would ever pay that.  I guess some people do? 
Now I am thinking of all those photos I threw out after cleaning out the farm.  But really.  Who wants their family photos in some dirty box on a flea market table being fingered and trashed by 100's of people.  That cute little photo I saw most likely will just get trashed and thrown out, instead of being appreciated by someone.

I saw that now you can "rent" blue grocery shopping carts above to roll thru the show with...sorry, did not see how much.

I haven't had to do it for awhile, but you should still be able to just borrow a flat bed cart like above to roll your finds to your car....though those do seem to be scarce just when you decide it is time to head home with your treasure.  Those can be had on the far left side of the entrance gate (going in) of the fair.

Enjoyable....but oh, so much walking!!!!!  And it is just too hard to stop to rest a bit.  You just don't know what is around the next aisle.

PS....Heard quite the positive buzz about the new Marin Outdoor Antique Market the second Sunday of every month (next weekend).  Free parking and admission!  They liken it to a French Flea.  Interesting.
Here is a link to their site.
Marin Outdoor Antique Market website