Monday, August 29, 2011

Drat, Trader Joe's!

Yes!  I said Drat!

I doooo love them, but their sample booths are the death to anyone's will power.
Ok...if anyone out there is not familiar with this great company that sells grocery products at great prices, well, you are probably better off, especially if you are trying to lose weight.
Just went in to Traders after exercising to pick up a couple of cans of kitty food for the cat next door (later story) and got sucked into the tasting counter.

Now I could have resisted if this package wasn't sitting right there! 
 Look at that photo!
And those words!  Chewy coated and drizzled!!!! 
Only 150 calories per bar! 

I tasted the minuscule sample.

O.M.G. the lusciousness of that creamy coated swirls.

Bought a box.

Now if I can only eat just a a treat. 
Do I dare open the box?
Whoops, forgot I already did.

Oh, and I also bought a melon and...

....a package of frozen, creamy polenta. 
And they weren't even giving out samples yet of that one!
But it has broccoli and carrots in it though!