Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Was coming back from my walk in the hills and stopped for a moment to glance in the ravine, and there was fox.

...And then there were 2! 

Unfortunately, my contacts were just about to pop out of my eyes with dryness and irritation after the walk in the dusty hills, so trying to focus as to what was going on across the way was extremely frustrating. One fox was definitely smaller and goofing around, so I had a definite feeling I was seeing a younger one.  I will have to see when kits are born here in California and how fast they grow.
Mom...well, I am calling her mom, all of a sudden noticed me staring and I did not need good eye sight to feel her eyes boring into me. And the younger one's eyes actually caught the setting sun's rays and flashed a wonderfully eerily red color.  They did not bolt right away, but eventually the younger went off to the right under the brambles and mom disappeared to the left of the trees.

Didn't think I would see them again, but went back to my place and grabbed the camera anyhow.
She did make another quick appearance heading back to the brambles.
We shall see if one of these days I can't get a group shot.

 In different circumstances, of course, I would not be so eager to find a den of foxes so close where I lived.  If I saw this in the ravine next to where I kept chickens, I would be a bit anxious to say the least. 

And I keep lecturing my stubborn cat, Fitz,  that this is just one of the many reasons he must be in by nightfall and not prowling about...though I am more worried about the monster raccoons on the garage roof and not so much about there being foxes in the glen at this point.

I am not kidding when I say these California raccoons are the size of a bulldog.  And if it was true that bulldogs were mean, then yes, these raccoons are even meaner.  Then again, all the bulldogs I have ever met were nothing but big slobbering, no tail waggling,  rumps of a baby's bottom, cuties! 

                                                                                                                                 copyright Stepka 2011