Thursday, August 18, 2011

Morning Glories Glory!

Thought I had given up this blog, huh?!
Nope, no way.  Just was working on my "real" job, so Farm Girl Studios went to the wayside for just a bit.
Hoping soon to turn Farm Girl Studios into a working site...with fun, beautiful items to purchase.  Got some great ideas. Stay tuned.

Came home to wonderful foggy morning and morning glories blooming.
I had planted these lovelies in a pot when I had moved, and for 4 da.  No blooms. Vines of all kinds trailing all over and over and under the fence, but no blooms. So...I threw out the pot and gave up.

The next year I saw they had planted themselves out of the pot in various places and I was driving myself crazy desperately trying to rid myself of the stupid vines. I even used weed killer on them! 
Glad it didn't work.

I don't know what happened last year, but all of a sudden I looked out at a mass of tangles on the fence..and there they were.  Beautiful wide open cups of color.  Amazing.

They just found the right spot to plant themselves and boom!  Flowers!
I guess they just decided they wanted to knock my socks off and go..."nah nana nah na!" at me.
So the moral of the story is ....ignore them, desperately try to eradicate them.. and they will bloom!

They seem to glow from within on a foggy morning like today.  The stamen just barely visible inside that glow.

Love that I have another photography subject.  Will have to watch for my hummingbirds to make their appearance here.

If you want to see more lovely morning glory blooms, check out Jon Katz's Bedlam Farm Journal blog.

                                                                                                                copyright 2011 Stepka