Saturday, August 27, 2011

Old Farm Trucks Rock!

Had a garage sale today. Was a great success, thank you!
I do love vintage and so when this little beauty chugged up the hill and parked.  I was in 7th Heaven!

And the owners were just as wonderful.  She had a great farm wife dress on, floral with a bit of a flare on the bottom and looked so nice on her.
It is an old Ford and sorry if I can't quite remember details, but I think the owner said it was a '39.
All original, kept in pristine condition by his wife's parents and here it is today just purring up a storm.
Originally I believe they said it had been purchased by a Japanese farmer who hauled eggs in it. 
Anyways, I was so ga ga about the truck, I didn't get all the history. 
And I love the old truck horns.  They beeped as they rode away.

As my great friend Marianne would say...Love it!