Wednesday, August 3, 2011


You look out a window day by day and all of a sudden, you really look.
Today, it was seeing the renewal of my "weeds" out on the hill.

Those weed wacker sheep really did their duty back mid June.  Overdid it I thought.

But between the cool, foggy weather, a wwayyyyyy out of the ordinary rainy day, and the great little pebbles of fertilizer those sheep left behind, amazingly I have green outside my window again.
Again....unless you live in California, you can not truly appreciate this scene.

The way those wild licorice plants are growing, I may have blooms in another month.

I am growing more and more certain California is slowly turning into Midwest climate. 
 Ok by long as the humidity, 30 below temps and 10 feet of snow stays well away!

                                                                       copyright Stepka 2011