Saturday, August 27, 2011

Storm Stories

Well, I am very glad to be on the West Coast and not the East.
Poor East Coast even had earthquakes lately.  How about that!

I went thru the shaker in the late 80's here.  I remember riding out the quake on the 5th story of an apartment building, about 4 miles from the San Andreas Fault, having dragged a large bird cage with two precious cockatiel companions under a doorway and swaying with the rolls.  After it was over, everyone in the apartments had gone to their windows staring out to see if the world was still there.  It was of course....but ominously quiet.
For days later, I would wake up in the middle of the night and a minute later there would be an aftershock snapping the bed back and forth a bit.

I experienced flooding that surrounded the first house I ever bought.  Closest it got was to the floorboards,  but for the 7 years I lived there, I hated winters and the rain. Yes, stupid me believed my realtor, that even though the house was on a flood plain, there wasn't going to happen again.  Three months later....2 feet of water around the house.  Never believe what those Realtors say.  Now I to the neighbors before buying a house.  Oh, and check out the septic and water pipes too.  Live and learn.

Now, living on a hill, I love the sound of the rain once more.
Security is a wonderful feeling.