Friday, September 16, 2011

British Interior Decorating

I love the British style of decorating.
My favorite home magazine is the British edition of Country Living.  Great pieces on local rural businesses and start ups and homes and gardens.
This month I picked up the latest British edition issue (Sept.) of Country Homes and Interiors.  Just some beautiful interiors, very eclectic...and colorful furnishings that just put a smile on the face.

I love the juxaposition of colors and textures. All the colors work...and what fun!
Even their curtain styles are breaking out of the traditional modes with bold fun designs.

No subtle blah creams and golds here.  Just freshness and simple, but bold patterns.

And I love the tradition there of hanging curtains over drafty doors and halls.  Softness and color and light.

I could not find a specific link for this magazine, but I really suggest going out and getting this month's copy from your local bookseller.  Well worth it.  Chuck full of fun decorating articles and even has recipies for English preserves.

Here is a link to decorating, British style.