Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bruce Springsteen on Jimmy Fallon

Did not get much sleep last night.  Just one of those time...wide awake.
But then I was happy because Bruce Springsteen was on Jimmy Fallon last night!  or should I say, early this morning.  Apparently a repeat from around a year ago.

I have never been into going to concerts, but would I ever like to see Bruce and the band.

How he can still belt out those songs...after all those performances.  He is just getting better and more intense with age. His whole face scrunches up with every sound that comes out and he still has so much fun playing with others.

So, I had to go on you tube to check out more performances. 
And Jimmy Fallon is so fantastic and talented in his own right as a musician.  And his personation of Bruce singing...wow!  (See the next post showing both of these talented guys.)

So why am I sharing this on a Farm Girl Studios site.  Why the Heck not!
Anyhow...the way Bruce was slumped in the guest chair and mannerisms made me think immediately of old farmers in the bar, shooting the bull.  But what a great looking "old" farmer!