Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Farmer's Wave

Was thinking about my last post, and how there is still a great divide between city folk and farmers.
Suspicion is just there.  Partly because farmers, for the most part, live somewhat isolated.  Work on a real working farm can be 24/7 and unless they are actively organic and sell at a farmers stand or market, they just don't interact with outsiders much.

Living and working outside of the farm for so many years, I don't feel like an outsider, and yet, of course, I am.

I always like taking a country road outside of town to the next town down as a shortcut and for its beauty. Once or twice I have seen cattle out or a young calf not with its mom and I will stop at the next farm to let someone know.  I know the feeling of someone coming to the door and and looking at me as in the "what the hell does she want" mode. Once I tell them about the cow being out and so problem.

Then again, most people are suspicious in this scenario.  I mean, if someone comes to my door in town that I do not know, my first thought is "who is that and what do they want to sell"...suspicion is a given.

Yet, one of the things I love about driving down a country road, no matter Midwest or West Coast..the farmers on their tractors or in their trucks, all wave.  I love that tradition.  Who knows who the heck you are, but there is always a wave.  You could be a serial killer!  But since you are in your space and I am in mine, driving down my country road, you get a wave.

Thank you, Farmer. 
I think we need to do that in the city too.

Boy, what suspiciious stares you would get!

                                                                                                    Copyright, Stepka 2011