Sunday, September 25, 2011

Petaluma Antique Fair

Well, another antique fair!
This fair is held downtown twice a year (I believe).  Lots of local vendors and from around the state.
Takes up Kentucky Street and a side parking lot.  Nice size.  Not too big, so you can take your time and enjoy. 
If you are looking for particular items, then hit it early.  It officially starts at 8am, but most people are set up by 7:30.
It was misting when I got there and when I left 2 hours later, it was a steady very light rain. Then hopefully the vendors are going to have an ok day. I definitely contributed to the commerce of some the vendors today!  Usually I find very little that I tend to collect at a price I can swallow.  Today... found some great things I liked at very good prices.

Just loved this sweet painting of a dog and chickens.  He just pushed out a painting of flowers in my living room and is hanging quite happily there now.

Fantastic tiny little steer.  Horns are just a piece of wire that move up and down.  Probably not original, but love it anyhow.  Made in Japan it says on bottom.

And this little piece from France....had to have.  For holy water.  The dealer said it came from someones collection, and though i don't really collect religious items, well, could not resist this one.  The price was very right and it looks beautiful next to a gold, wheat sconce I hung it next to.

So those are some of my treasures.

One vendor I did love and want to mention here is a woman who creates just very unique jewelry utilizing old stamped metals and pieces that were given as medals (rewards) for people.  Many from Europe and very unique.
Her name is Melissa Abercrombie and the name of her business is Blue Ribbon Salvage.
I will link her below.
But take a look at some of the pieces below...of course I am pulling out the animal medallions.  She can tell you a story or history on each medallion / medal.  Very beautiful.  Just saw the scarab on her site...and I really have a thing about scarabs and Egyptian motifs.
Just beautiful how she shoots her products on old maps, papers...well you will see on her site.