Friday, September 16, 2011

The Realities of Farming

Well, here I go again.  The realities of this blog is that I can go from flighty fancies of decorating to diatribes on real farm issues.  Just who I am.  So here goes...

The disparities of farming and what I call a "must make a living farming" are very evident in the post from Cold Antler Farm today.
I have a link to it below.
Growing up on a making a living, old fashioned (very old fashioned) farm, I can really relate to what the farmers in the post have concerns when it comes to animal rights activists and just outsiders in general.  In this post, it is not only "so called" animal activists that are causing some problems for farmers, but just new next door neighbors (former city dwellers) who live next to now...or come out to the country to enjoy a day at a real farm and may be reacting a bit too quickly to what they are observing on the farm.

I am an animal lover.  Boy, am I.
So much so, that I really do not know if I could stand to kill an animal for food as the way of real farmers anymore.  I know my emotional limitations.
And luckily, I have a market right down the street and did not have to see or get to know whom I am eating for lunch today!

But having grown up on a farm, I also understand there is life and death on a farm, through farming processes and an animal can easily become sick and die.

In Jenna's blog, it speaks of a farmer having an open house, so to speak, and was reported to the authorities about a limping cow.  What?  Reported???
How about asking the farmer..."oh, that cow is limping, what causes that and what can you do about things like that" ..instead of reporting him!  I believe the farmer says he has been reported 3 times by "outsiders".  Yup..that is what we always called city folk on our farm.  Outsiders.  Now you know why.  With outsiders, there is distrust and warriness. And this is one of the reasons.  Farm life can be really, really different from city life.  Customs, attitiudes, realities.

Where will this type of reaction from outsiders get us?  Well, no more open farms.  No more education of what real farming is. More government regulations impeding the regrowth of the farm industry. And chemically treated, hormonally injected and processed food.

Yes, there are extremely rare instances where farmers do not give a rat's ass about their animals.  But for the majority...the animals are their assets, and believe you me, they are looking over their assets with a very detailed and concerning eye.

And believe it or not, they would not be farmers if they did not love working with and being around animals.

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