Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Manure is in the Air!

Just opened the local paper and saw in The Buzz section that tis the season for all of us to start smelling the distinct odor of the local farming community that surrounds us.  They are out spreading it out on the fields to fertilize them for the next season's crops.

I have to admit, growing up on the farm, I smelled cow manure constantly and you never noticed it...just like an air freshener that you have plugged in the house that you get used to and don't smell anymore unless you come back in after an extended visit elsewhere.

So my gentrified self now definitely picks up that aroma outside and even goes "whew!" once in a while.  I think mainly because it definitely has some pig and/or chicken manure mixed in.

I prefer the less toxic aromas of cow manure personally. 

Just like a fine wine... there are definitely distinct "varieties" between farm stock emissions!

                                                        copyright 2011 Stepka