Saturday, October 8, 2011

Handsome Dude Down the Road

Holsteins and Angus cattle were the predominate lineup in the Midwest where I lived.  I do remember the occasional sweet jersey, but black and whites mainly dotted the landscape.  Nice, but boring… like eating only vanilla ice cream for dessert.
So when driving the California countryside, I always stop in my tracks when I have the chance encounter of a new flavor.

The Longhorn is one of them. 
A wonderful creature, his horns impossibly long, sprouting magically out of a relatively small head… and gentle as a lamb.

Staring at me as I hop out of the car to take photos, he just stands there chewing his cud, subtly changing his pose for my camera.
“I am a magnificient dude”, he seeming says.

Yes, you are. 

                                                                             copyright 2011