Wednesday, October 19, 2011

June Bugs

On hot summer nights, the front porch screen door would be open to the world until the last person headed off to bed.  The most comfortable chair in the house, an upholstered rocker, sat next to it.  Us kids did not usually sit there, since dad had commandeered it from the start and very pungent barn smells had settled quite nicely in the interior of its fabric early on.  But every so often if free, I would sit there and listen to the sounds of the night.
In the corner of the front yard, dad had installed a huge pole with a halogen light that came on when darkness fell.  It loudly buzzed to life each twilight and there was always a slight high pitch hum in the air as it chased the darkness away.
The other sound you would hear in the early evening was another type of buzzing, June Bugs.
Some of the farm cats would be lounging on the porch after milking, stretching themselves out, exposing as much of their body as they could to any cool breeze that might filter thru the humid, hot summer air.  They would hardly move.
But once the yard light came on, they were out on the hunt for a nice after dinner snack. 
I would watch as the buzzing June Bugs would appear out of their ground boroughs and slowly start their way swirling up to gather in an endless circle of dance around the yard light. 
Many would not complete the journey, since the farm cats were doing a ballet dance of their own. Leaping up and standing on their back legs, paws and claws extended, many a June bug succumbed to the ever diligent farm cat before ever reaching a safe distance.
For a time...crunching noises prevailed over the hum.

                                                                                                 copyright 2011 Stepka