Monday, October 3, 2011

Picking up Garbage

Loved the post in the Press Democrat this morning.
Someone took upon themselves to get in and pick up the garbage and even the dead birds out of a local parks waterway.  She brought a little blow up boat and with family, just got in and did what needed to get done since the park staff were not doing it, apparently because of staff cuts.
Good for her!!!! 

We all see it as we take a walk in the neighborhoods.  Trash left from unresponsible people.  I have been finding more trash in the open space right where I live...and this after removing about 3 bags of trash myself this summer.
We really can't do anything about these unresponsible and lazy people unless we see them trashing. If you do see someone dropping or leaving trash, then speak up...even though you may get a dirty look. Too bad that we may hurt their feelings.  Hopefully they still have a bit of a soul left that will feel ashamed.
In the meanwhile, we just have to pick up the trash we find, and our souls will feel a bit brighter for this. 

Here is Anne Castellon's story: