Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hogging the Spot Light

There is something different about these hogs at Tara Firma Farms. 
I never grew up with hogs on the farm and never wanted to, given my bad experience that one dark night. And the smell, well...
But these hogs?  I could get use to these. 
They are not the normal pen raised types...could that make that much of a difference?  These are pretty much free range from what I can tell, on about an acre of land with open space and tree cover with a nice mud bath on the fringe.
Will be interesting to take that farm tour.
These guys seem to really like cameras.
Or is it just seeing if I get close enough to charge me and run me down!
What is in that little piggy brain?
Of course! 
"Got any tasty grub behind that camera?"

                                                                                  copyright 2011 Stepka