Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Way with Words....Letting Other Bloggers Speak

Since I can not express my thoughts any more eloquently than what I have read on two of my favorite blogs today, I am just sharing.

This next one is by Jon Katz (Bedlam Farm) concerning "Reinventing Society", and he is actually talking about an interview he viewed with 96 year old activist, Grace Lee Boggs. 

Quote........."Activist Grace Lee Boggs, who is 96 and has spent her life working as a feminist and social activist, gave a piercing interview this week about the current protest movement, and I related to it. It isn’t enough, she said, simply to expose the enemy. The challenge is to reinvent society, and the meaning of life and opportunity and  work and fulfillment. If we live simply to pay bills, afford health care, fatten up our retirement funds for a life of confinement and medical procedures then we are, to me, enslaving ourselves. Living to pay your bills and your mortgage is not work. It is the corporate idea of work, creating things we are frightened into wanting, letting go of the life we really want." ...........Unquote.

I don't know about you, but yes, all I feel like I have done for most of my life pay bills and survive.
How sad...and yet, so true for most of us.

Reinvent society?
How about just starting with ourselves first.

There is better out there.