Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Just enjoying some Christmas music and noticed how suited this song is to this photo of Fitz.
My Happiness Echo for today.
He is a lucky boy that he has meals inside, can avoid all the chilly weather and watch all the little birdies comfortably and contented from inside these days.
Good to be able to choose.
(Notice the reflection of his eyes in the window)

P.S. I came in after dark last night.  Fitz was actually outside on the fence.  And what do I find nesting inside the house, but my neighbor's Siamese. 
Fitz was NOT a happy camper.
The Siamese skedadled right out the kitty door, but maybe this is another reason why Fitz does not go out much anymore...he is defending the kitty door? 

                                                                                     copyright 2011 Stepka