Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spread Your Happy Thoughts! "Ten Secrets of Happy Women"

Blandet...with a wonderful smile on his face.  A friend's kitty in Denmark.

I was watching Hoda and Kathy Lee on the last hour of the Today Show yesterday and absolutely loved a segment called "Ten Secrets of Happy Women"

Just some bullet points:
*Wallow in Happiness. -Just enjoy it.
*Avoid Half Glass Empty Syndrome. - Pay attention to what does make you happy.
*Spread Your Happy Thoughts. - Yes, we need more happy videos and beautiful photos and wonderful stories to spread joy and optimism to chase away that doom and gloom out there.  They suggest to post and tweet happiness so all can share. Spread a "happiness echo" they say and keep it echoing into as many lives as possible.
*Happiness is a Choice. - Well, that one is a yes/no for me.  There is alot of struggling people out there right now, including most of us, but put a camera in my hand and time to shoot and I am in happiness heaven.  So I guess I choose to take more photos! Which leads into the next point...
*Get Absorbed in Something. - In my case, photography and nature and this blog.  Your case?  Gardening, Kung Fu???
*Pat yourself on the Back.-  Hard to do, but a must do sometimes, even if it is ...."Whoo Hoo! I made it thru another day of work!"  Some out there would love to have a job to go to.
*Afirm Yourself and Others Around You.
*Compare Downward.- Strange sounding but true. A tree falls on your garage. Yes, terrible, but no one was hurt, you have insurance, you now have sun shining thru your window where the tree just cast shadows...something like that.
Being in the retail industry for so much of my life, I would have loved to have been able to look straight into the eye of someone complaining (if not cursing), that in the grand perspective of life, a botched delivery of a piece of furniture does not constitue a mental breakdown and the end of the world!
*Find Something that creates a Sense of Meaning in Your Life.
*Be Aware and Participate in Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Ok, well that's just a few points I pulled out of the video, but here is the link for you to watch it yourself.

Your mission today everyone is to go out and post and tweet something to make someone smile!

Warning:  They make you sit thru a Target ad before the segment starts...but the ad is kinda sweet too.