Friday, April 29, 2011

Fitz - True Story

I found Fitz sitting on a rock next to a tree under a bridge about two miles away down a country road from where I lived.
I had gone to check out a house for rent.  It was a beautiful fall day, just a little chilly and since the house was easily in walking distance, I thought I would just go on down, check out the neighborhood and peek in the windows like any good, nosy, prospective renter would do.

I don’t know why, but after seeing the house, having had good vibes from it, I thought, why not, let’s explore the neighborhood some more.  I like this house.
When I start exploring, I have a hard time stopping.

And that is where I found my Fitz, a mile more down a gorgeous, bucolic, country road.

I had thought I heard something as I passed over that bridge.  Were my extra sensory, extraordinary kitten meow sensors springing back to life from way past in my childhood?  Noooo??

Kitty?  I said in a soft, whispered question.
Up pops a face from behind the bridge post, a beautiful light grey kitty looking at me with big blue eyes.

No, I shouted to myself in my head!  No, No, No!
I will not have this happen to me.   I am not ready for a cat. 

I had tragically and stupidly,  lost a pure black stray, Hollingsworth, that  I had adopted  more than a year ago as an outdoor cat,  to feline distemper.    I was still hurt and very angry at myself for not getting him corralled and into the vet for shots.  Never again.

I turned around and kept walking up the road.  Do not look back, I told myself.
My next cat was going to be a yellow, tigered striped male I was going to adopt from the shelter when I was good and ready…all tested for feline distemper…all shots given and ready to go!
That cat at the bridge had a home on one of the farms or houses here, I was just sure of it.

And yet in my heart, I just knew.

Walked about a quarter of a mile and then turned around.

Looking around the corner of the bridge, there he was, sitting on a rock, practically hugging a tree.  He looked up at me in surprise, then started meowing like the dickens and ran up to me.

He did not stop meowing.

He meowed as I scooped him up in my now discarded jacket.
He meowed as I dragged him to each and every house and farm nearby, nearly losing him in the process into the jaws of a home owners 2 huge dogs…asking him…whether he had ever seen this cat, which was just in the process of frantically crawling up my face to the top of my head.

Oh, no, he said, but he did know that there was a problem with people dropping off unwanted pets in this section of the country.
Out of site…out of mind.

That cat continued to meow, every second, as I walked with him bundled up, trudging all the way back to my apartment two miles away. 

He was a cute, if annoying little bundle of fur.  Could not believe he would not shut up!

I would call the animal shelter when I got back, do my duty and make sure he got his forever home with the right person.

Opened the door to my apartment, unwrapped him onto the chair.

Not one meow.

He just looked around and promptly curled up in the quilt, very content.
Cats know when they have come home.

PS…I actually did call the animal shelter soon after.  They were not open that day.  Later...I did post flyers also.  Lucky for calls.

Oh, and that cute house.  Well, they did not allow cats
Too bad for them.  They had lost out on a really good tenant who owned a really fantastic cat.

                                                                                                              copyright Stepka 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Organic Weed Wackers!

They are back!
The neighborhood association found a way to keep down the fire danger and  provide beauty and entertainment all at the same time.

See... on tip of hill.

Goat herd from Forestville.
Very nice family watching over their flock.
They have their motor home and every comfort.

These goats are so very spoiled.
They even have portable shade!

Only about 80 goats this year. 
But so well cared for and what beauties!

Will take more photos of the current group soon.

Last year we had Holy Hill Rollers!

Ready, Set, Go!
Yes, I saw it with my own eyes.
I watched goats from this herd take off, sliding to their hearts delight sideways down the hill.

And on their bums.
Such Fun!

What wonderful weed wackers!

                      copyright Stepka 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Cuteness Fix!

                                                                               copyright Stepka 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Must Read - Hit by a Farm and Sheepish by Catherine Friend

Whether you have lived on a farm, are living on a farm, want to live on a have GOT to read Catherine's books on farm life in Minnesota. 

She 'slipped' one day into the farm life, buying farmland in Minnesota with her partner, Melissa, and what a journey she has had.
Ups and downs and twirls around... her books are true stories of what life holds for anyone venturing into the day to day husbandry and maintenance of a farm.

Realistic,warm,so readable...

And Hysterically funny!
 Read the first chapter of Sheepish - Hint: electric fencing and dog leaping over! 
 OMG!!!  About pee'd my pants!!!!

And good to know, Catherine writes children's books too!
Looks darn tooting cute!

But most surprising?   I mean, after reading her farm books.. just could not quite believe my eyes when I saw this on her website...

What!!?? Really!?
Did I miss this mentioned someplace in one of your books, Catherine?!
You write Adventure, Romance novels!?  Well, with a twist of course!

She loves Pride and Prejudice... the one and only ...with Colin Firth!
What more can you say!?
Love her!
Go to a local bookstore and buy her books!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Butter and Eggs Parade - Fun for all Ages

Wish I was a kid again

                                      I could visit and go inside the petting 'zoo'....


And ride the ponies!

                                                                           Bunny Snuggling!
                                                                              Happy Easter!

                                                                                       all photos copyrighted 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Butter and Eggs Parade Fun

Let's get back to more positive thoughts!
What's even more fun to look at than the parade??

The very patient and understanding dogs brought along by parade watchers...

Most just hanging out

and some on the job!

                                                                photos copyright 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Husbandry Responsibility

Was just down to my local Ace Hardware Store getting fertilizer and snail 'be gone!' product.
Snails and slugs have taken over and now it is war!
Leaving beer out is not doing it. I think it is just making them propagate and grow to monster sizes!

Mentioned to the nice lady behind counter that I wish I had enough space for a couple of chickens to take care of the creatures.
She just got a sour look on her face and said her neighbor has chickens that get into everyones yard and tear up plants and poop everywhere...bunnies that are in the roadway... and cats and dogs that are not well taken care of either.

Why can't people/adults who own animals, not take responsibility in the care of their animals?

And do not get me started about people who do not take care of their cats and dogs!!!!

Are they just accessories and property?  I think that is their mind set.
Something to play with...and then ignore and then discard.

If you don't have the time, the space and the money it takes to raise animals with the love, care, and the respect all living creatures not venture into all.

And respect your neighbors too.  You may need them some time.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Butter and Eggs Day Parade. Petaluma, California

Local parades are the Best!

Red, White, and Blue... and Horses too!

Even the horse backsides were sparkling!

Horse Clean up Crew.

Funky and Fun Homemade Floats pulled by tractors.

and old cars...

and even semis blasting their way too loud horns.

Great turnout !

Brave souls in costumes soldiered through on a very warm day....

Even the Easter Bunny showed up.

Wonderful Colors...

and festivities...

and local High School Bands....

and some livestock(?) too...

                                                                                                                     all photos copyrighted 2011

All in all...a wonderful couple of hours spent at the parade.
 Life is Good!