Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012...My Year

Christmas morning.
I looked across to the farm, and what did my wandering eyes behold, but a lone little lamb, fresh from the fold, taking it's first few steps.

2012...I will be taking some wobbling, scary new steps in my life.
2012 is going to be my year.
What the heck...I deserve a year.
Don't we all.

New beginnings.  New adventures.  Lots of new photos and creative endeavors.
Lots of hard work and perseverance tinged with much optimism and dreams.
Optimism will be essential.
Pessimism and procrastination be banned.

But again...what the heck...I am tired of the same old, same old. 
Oh... and I want to have fun, and actually enjoy life...and work.

I started this blog in March 2011, and I have to say that I am proud of myself holding in there and keeping it going. 
It is fun to look back and see a visual diary of what happened a certain week or a day.

By next March, I want to have this blog not only recording visuals, but working for me as well.
Others do it, why not me?

So onward into a New Year chock full of bright possibilities and achievements.

Happy New Year to all.