Friday, January 6, 2012


Been having a hard time the past few days shutting the mind down.
Too many thoughts running thru, and not good thoughts.
There go shutting out pessimism already.
As I have been perusing blogs I enjoy, it seems to be a trend for this beginning of 2012.
Everyone's mind is a racing.
My last days off, I did not even go out to shoot some photos...spent the time going thru the garage and cleaning out the old and organizing the rest so it is not just a jumble.
Jumble...that's it.  My mind is just a jumble also, and needs to get cleaned out and organized.

So I have gone back to some photos I took at the end of the year and found a photo of cows on a haze filled hillside. Lovely.
When I shoot photos...I stop and find my mind shutting down and just breathing.  My yoga.
And looking at the photo again, I can breathe and feel the peace that moment held for a moment in time.
                                                                                              copyright Stepka 2012