Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Country 2 Room Schools


                                         Union Elementary School - Press Democrat Photo

I was amazed how many two room schools still exist in Sonoma and Marin Counties.  One is right down the road from Petaluma. They had closed them in Wisconsin in the area where I lived, but not before I went thru 1-7th grade. I think there were only about 24 kids in the whole school.  1-4 on the right side.  5-7th on the left.
Milk break was one of my favorites.  Chocolate milk.  Oh, my!  We only had the full bodied, cream infused and yellow, milk straight from the cows and cooler. Have you ever drank the "real" milk straight from the cow?  Well, let's just say my brother and I never drank much milk on the farm.  Homogenized and especially chocolate milk at school were a real treat. 
Now....butter made fresh from cow milk, that is a whole nother story.  Yum.
We also had real, flushable toliets at the school.  What luxury! 
Nothing like that back on the farm.
My father lived pretty much in the early 1900's and we, of course, were along for the ride. 
Now so many people want to go back to that type of lifestyle.  Well, as long as they have a choice.  That makes all the difference.

We learned to polka and had a smashing band made up of triangles and sticks.  Talk about the dark ages!  But simple, good memories. 
We played Four Square and Dodge Ball.  No worries that someone would sue if you got hit in the head. I just looked Four Square up on Wikipedia and someone in the UK wants to make it a
national sport.  Hey! I thought that was purely American!
Red Light, Green Light, Simon says.
There was that game that everyone held hands in a circle, with one person blindfolded in the middle.  They spun around and pointed at someone and that someone had to come  into the circle and avoid the blindfolded person.  The blindfolded person yelled out Jacob and the other person had to yell out Ruth. then the blindfolded person had to find and grab hold of the other person and guess who it was.
Anyhow...all this came up when I saw an article in the paper today about this dying breed of school.
I think we should get right back to the small, traditional and local schools wherever we can.

I have to say...the two room schools out here are much cuter than the brick two rooms I attended.

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Union Elementary School