Friday, January 20, 2012

Thrifting...Getting To Be Not So Thrifty Nowadays.

Yes, I was very obsessed with taking pig photos lately.  They were right on the side of the road...easy pickings for a photographer needing a subject.  Well, the farmer now have moved them more inland and they are growing rapidly, so my interest has faded for the time being.
But what did I find in a local thrift shop the other day, but a REAL piggy bank.
What a cutie. 

Found the painting behind him at a thrift shop also a few months back.

Amazing what you can find sometimes...though it is becoming so much rarer to find that special treasure at a price one can afford. Many thrifts are now pricing as if they are antique shops or a department store.

  Back when, you could find oldies, but goodies for "thrift shop prices", but that is getting so much rarer.
I understand that they are a non profit organization with money going to good causes, but what the heck!  They got them for free.

Yes, yes, they still have overhead to pay for.

Thrifting is an adventure and a hunt for beautiful (and useful)  things the, let's say, "economically disadvantaged", can not afford at department stores or antique store prices.
That is starting to disappear.
How sad.

Still, every so often...
The treasure hunt continues.

                                                                                            copyright 2012 Stepka