Thursday, January 26, 2012

Under the Dome by Stephen King

Suddenly, for as far as you can see, a transparent dome, 100 miles deep into the earth and 45,000 miles high into the sky, cages a small town and farming community...

Just read Stephen King's book, Under the Dome.
Have to say, it was one of those epic novels that you can't wait to hear how it ends, and yet, don't want it to end because it takes you to so vividly into the author's imagination. And King's imagination is spellbinding.

If you have read King's epic novels, such as The Stand, then you know how totally you can be absorbed into the lives of its characters.
You have the egotistical, political crooks who are out for themselves, taking advantage of the community so they can profit, and of course, enjoy the power over others.
Then you have the everyday heroes...the regular folk who find the courage to step up to the plate in times of crisis.
The dome entraps them all inside and what happens?....well, alot of mayhem to be sure. You think your leaders will keep you safe and do the right things.  Don't be so sure. 

Pretty relevant to what is happening here with the political shenanigans out here in the real world nowadays.  In King's world of course, the evil and the profit mongers do get their due in the end of course.

Doesn't seem to work like this in the real world unfortunately.

Then there is the dome.  Who is responsible for it?

I figured it out quite early, yet, King put a twist on it that really was quite interesting to ponder and kept you on pins and needles to the end...if only to know who actually survives and how.

Never thought of how handy a cellar full of spuds could be! It is a unique life saver in the book.