Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Visualizing Life and Furnishing a Room

                                                  ...from March 2011 House Beautiful Magazine

Why is it that visualizing someone else's path in life seems so easy and so clear, but when it comes to one's own life...it is just a foggy haze with enticing glimpses of starlight sparkling here and there, just out of reach.
It is like furnishing a room.
You can look at someone else's room and pull out a vast repertoire of ideas pertaining to repositioning furniture, color schemes, style ideas, textures and fabrics....but your own place?
Well...that is just darn hard.

I am sure there are many of you out there who feel the same when it comes to observing a close friend's life.  You can see what talents another has and if only they would pursue them one way or another, they could have a happier and more fulfilling life. 
We, on the outside, can praise and recommend, and even cajole, but until that person is ready to see it for themselves, well, nothing is going to happen.
Then again, anyone can visualize their own life differently, but extenuating circumstances can always foul up plans. Money for one.  Stability for another.  Fear of the unknown....whoa, now this is a big one.
And when it comes down to it...you can have 6 friends saying, yes, this is it, go for it...and then there is the one friend who says...now wait a minute, this may not be viable...and you are blown off course.
Your inner self was just waiting to hear those words, weren't you?

It always comes down to you and your willingness to take a forward step, even if it is a small one.
Moving forward is hard...definitely psychically and in many cases, monetarily.
My problem...I see it, but get so blown up in the midst of seeing all the pitfalls, that I easily can talk myself out of it before I even start. 
Over thinking.

In fact, it is very much like a Big Bang episode I watched recently.  No matter if you have not seen the show, it is a perfect analogy to all of the above.
A tenant in an apartment building is letting himself into his apartment.  He glances over across the hall to see that his pretty next door neighbor (whom he use to date) had her door open and he could see her chatting with friends....and he very bravely decides then and there to go up to her and ask her out again and take the chance to see if this time things could work out.  After many scenes of them getting back together, having dinner, arguing, making out, and finally ending it again in an uproar, the girl telling him he always over thinks everything....well, the show cuts back to it's very first scene again, him looking over at her.  His brain took him through all the scenarios of why he should not go up to her and ask her out...it will end badly.
Yet, what does he do...he goes over to her and asks her out.

So just keep repeating after me....
....and I will too....

"Over thinking be damned!"

                                                                                                copyright 2012 Stepka