Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ally Wilks - A New Blog to Follow

I have commented that one of my favorite reads is the English version of Country Living Magazine.
I just purchased the latest copy and saw that my favoirite columnist, Aly Wilks, who writes 'Tales from a Stone Cottage" is saying farewell from its pages. 
Luckily, they posted that she has a blog.  Now, I don't have to wait a whole month to be entertained by her writings!
I love her postings about her kitty, Scarab, so here is the direct link to a story about the hunting prowless of the big guy.
Aly Wilks - Scarab

Catch her other one also, about the rat under the carpet.

Reminds me of some surprises Fitz has left me on the carpet in the past when I got home late some nights. Unfortuately, since many times I take my shoes off right inside the door, I have experienced a not so pleasant crunching sensation.
The shrieking bit she speaks of in the post - yup, I can relate!