Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Door to Nowhere

Sun is back and starting to see bees and even bumble bees out and about.  So in honor of is a very short missive about bees and hot, humid Midwest summers.

The back door of the old farm house opened to nowhere.
Well, not really.
It opened to a 20 foot pit.
Dad had dug a huge hole behind the house when he and mom had married, promising his new bride a new bath and laundry. 

During the hot and humid haying season, we would have that door to nowhere open, only a screen door keeping us from plunging over the edge, as we leaned our faces into it to catch any possible cross breeze, waiting in trepidation for the putt-putt sound of the John Deer tractor hauling yet another wagon of hay for us to unload.

Below the screen, the old excavation had left a crack in the foundation leading into the side basement… the egg cellar.  Not only did it store eggs gathered for market in its cool recesses, but also my father’s old bee hives.
Where there be old hives, bees follow.

I can still hear their steady drone as hundreds of bees flew back and forth through the crack, pollinating all those alfalfa blossoms in the fields, and my mother’s beautiful peonies and roses in the back garden and beyond.

Very busy bees, living happily in the egg cellar, until they were extracted after dad finally built the new bathroom and laundry…
30 years later.

                                                                                                copyright 2012 Stepka