Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cargo Containers as Architecture - Anything Goes

I was just reading the SF Chronicle that in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, which was devastated by an earthquake last year, they had used cargo containers to rebuild their demolished mall.
Reusing cargo containers is nothing new.  They've been regularly used as storage containers and even little rooms next to smog garages as waiting rooms, which always struck me as very convenient and smart. Extremely sturdy, if they can survive multiple trips on and off cargo ships and across oceans, then they have proven themselves in the durability end of things.
And honestly, why not?
Look at the gorgeous creation I found on the Internet below:

These 2 photos show both sides of the same architectural creation.
A regular house on one end and container rooms on the other...all in a spectacular, whatever you call it.  I guess a HUGE shed.

I have had this dream for some time to move back out to the country into a home of my very own, but the traditional farm house does not have the same appeal to me.  I grew up in one. 
 Been there, done that.

But I have had thoughts of just building a outdoor steel shed and insulating the heck out of it, drywalling it, having a huge open space, with a loft area and segment it by movable doors on rails. Windows would be on either end... and of course great big doors that open on most of the sides to open to the sky.  In California or the Western States, it would work.  Can't see it so much in the mosquito and fly infested states.

I love that now...anything is possible.  Yes, there would still be tongues a wagging and eyes bulging if you told your new country neighbors that you were living in a cargo container or a shed... but wait till they visited.

They'd want one too.