Monday, February 27, 2012

Creative Streak

I have been on a creative streak with my writing lately, and I am taking full advantage, writing ideas for posts and stories and filling in as I have time and inclination.
You never know when it will go cold again.
I love writing, sometimes even more than photography. Both disciplines I have rediscovered after many years absence, thank goodness!

Sitting outside in the morning on my patio with the birds cackling and tweeting is a great place to write.  I just need to find some type of sunshade for my computer screen so I can actually see what I am writing. 

However, what's been happening lately is that my inspiration sparks when I am half a mile or more from the house.  I have written how many times I’ve had to run back to the house for my camera – now it is for pen and paper.

Yes, I should just automatically take a small pad and pen, but do I spark when I have it?  Nada.

When it does happen, no matter how hard I try to lock a phrase or thought in my brain long enough to get back to civilization, as soon as I walk in the door - Poof! Gone!
And it's not just the loss of trail of thoughts -  it is a big SLAM, BANG, thank you, Ma'am, door shut in the face, kind of moment.

If my memory hadn’t been absolutely horrific even since junior high, I would be worried, but it is normal for me, however, very frustrating.   I am trying very hard to let it go, enjoy the moment and the scenery and know it was not meant to be.
I know the spark will come again.
                                                                                                     copyright 2012 Stepka