Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long Walks and Valentine's Day

A few years back, I signed up for a “walk” with a group that took you thru one of the major wooded canyon areas by the coast.
It ended up consisting of walking steadily for around 25 miles. I am kidding Not!
And the strange thing is... I don’t really remember much of the walk.
I know it was a beautiful area of old growth trees, and there must have been the sound of wind and birds and the crunching of leaves under my feet…but all I remember was all of our labored breathing as the leader kept saying to all, “keep up with the group.”
This was a time when I did…keep up with the group and just plug along.
We were just like a flock of crazed sheep following a demented Little Bo Peep.

If it had happened today, I would have said…"you just go ahead, I'll just find my way back and enjoy the scenery, thank you very much.  Who cares I don't know where the hell I am."

I hadn’t known the 'nature walk', as it had been titled, was some sort of obstacle training course.  Even more surprising, it was sponsored by an environmental group.  You would think that we would take the time to “enjoy” the environment.  I was not the only one in the group who thought this way.  During the infrequent two minute rest stops, we all bugged our eyes out at one another, speaking low…”what kind of hell did we all sign up for?!”

Nowadays, I have a hard time walking steadily just for a block right outside my door.
 And pity anyone walking with me, because like a dog on a leash, I stop on a dime. 

I look at the brilliance of the color of a flower, the sound of a bird, the reflection in a puddle.
Usually this also means I either have a camera in my hand or have to run back for my camera.

A past boyfriend once told me that I never walk in a straight line.  Note the word...past.

But I like this me. 
In fact, I love this me.
It took me a while to find "this" me again.  I came close to losing her sometime back.

Then I took up the camera again.

So I guess this is a Valentine to myself… and to all who love to walk the dog… even without the dog.
Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

                                                                                       copyright 2012 Stepka
                                                                    and yes, I took that flower photo this morning...amazing.