Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mmmm.....What's New at Trader Joe's

Here I go again!
Was just in and there was a tasting of a new Chicken Pot Pie they just received.
Oh, My!

Just made my own tonight and must say it came out of even my oven pretty darn flaky and scrumptious.
Of course, much more saucy than it shows on the box, but yummy still and even the carrots still had texture to them and had a nice carrot flavor too. 
So 4 stars out of 5 here.

You might wonder why the only food you see here on this site is boxed and prepped. 
Well, I don't cook.  I could if I wanted, but it was shot out of my system growing up on the farm.

You see, I hated that us 'women folk' namely my mother and I, milked cows, loaded and unloaded hay and all the rest of the things that the 'men folk' did...and still, after the men could go inside and put their feet  up, we still had to make breakfast, dinner and supper.  It didn't help that we were still cooking on a wood stove till 1976 and there was no stoking up the stove for anything major in the middle of a Midwest summer. 
Meat fried on top of the stove in lard along with potatoes, and vegetables boiled till the flavor was gone, was pretty much the norm. 
Pork chops with dumplings smothered in pork grease and applesauce was a great treat.

Now, people choose and even prefer to cook on/in wood stoves.
I must say, bread is the best baked in a wood stove.  No comparison. Wood smoke gives a nice flavor addition to most any bread or meat. 

One of these days, I may surprise myself and cook something from scratch on a day other than a Holiday or when I have guests. The memory of the pork chops and dumplings sound darn good. other item I picked up from the local market was a yogurt that I chose purely for the great packaging and name.

Very nice graphic..and very good yogurt too.

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